Friday, January 25, 2013

Fuji instax 210 video review

So I made a little video where I explain how to use the camera, and what I think of the camera... Sorry for my really bad english, as I'm french and still studying how to speak proper english hahaha.
Hope you'll like it!
if you have any questions or obersavtions you would like to share, feel free to comment the video on the blog or on youtube.


  1. hello, i watched your video and i have a question, does the fuji film instax 210 come with a film and papers? or do i have to buy them separately?
    btw love your blog x

  2. I just watched your review as I am waiting for my 210 to come in the mail as we speak and this made me super excited!! Also watched your latest review for the new neo classic which has made me totally want that as well. If only the film was cheaper, instant cameras would definitely take over digital for me.
    P.s. your English is great, seriously!!

  3. This was really helpful, I've been contemplating which instal to get and I think you've helped me make a final decision :) your english is great by the way! x


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