Thursday, February 28, 2013

The brand new fuji mini 8

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax
Fuji Film has just released its latest snapshot camera, it looks very much like its predecessor the fuji instax mini 7s, but here are the few things that have been improved on the fuji instax camera in comparaison with the fuji mini 7s:

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax
The main difference is the High Key mode which can give some kind of "soft/pale" effect, like something more vintage and therefore to have "pretty and cute pictures" 

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax

Also it is much easier to make the brightness adjustment since the Instax Mini 8 determines automatically the best light for taking a photo, and informs you of the proper setting by turning on the corresponding LED,the you just have to turn the setting dial so it fits with the LED.

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax

dimensions are slightly smaller: 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm / 307g fuji instax mini for 8 instead of 119.5 x 121.5 x 70.5 mm (W x H x D) / 320g for fuji instax mini 7s the

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax 

the choice in colors:  nymph tear blue, cupcake cream pink, meringue yellow, Gothic black and eternal snow white (note my hidden talent to create new color names)

placement and design of some buttons

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax
♡ only 2 AA batteries are needed instead of 4 for fuji instax mini 7s. (This isn't an improvement in the use of the battery, since quoting fujifilm on the fuji instax mini for 7s using 4 AA batteries allows to take 20 pictures, while on fuji mini 8: using only 2 AA batteries you can take up to 10 photos. So basically they removed two batteries and BAM it's a new camera lol)

fuji instax mini  8 / polaroid/ instant/ vintage/kawaii/japan/fujifilm/ instax

So if you're willing to pay a little more for  some more Kawaii (cute *) as Japanese say, some improvements that acutally help you to take a good picture you can buy a fuji instax mini 8 HERE
If for you the fuji mini 7s is enough you can go and buy it HERE, it's up to you!! but it is true that these colors are really cool, especially the yellow ^ ^
I found a great offer on Amazon here's are the link for each camera, you just have to click on the color you want!


dont forget to buy the film that goes with it (at the cheapest price) by clicking: HERE

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fuji instax 210 video review

So I made a little video where I explain how to use the camera, and what I think of the camera... Sorry for my really bad english, as I'm french and still studying how to speak proper english hahaha.
Hope you'll like it!
if you have any questions or obersavtions you would like to share, feel free to comment the video on the blog or on youtube.

Monday, January 21, 2013

where to buy the fuji instax 210

One of my favorite instant cameras if not my favorite, the Fuji instax 210 is one of the newest instant classic camera released on the market. Its main characteristic is the size of the pictures it takes, wich got a quite similar format to classic photos developed at a professional camera shop.

The fuji instax 210 is the older and bigger brother of the fuji instax mini 7s (/polaroid 300). 
I got the impression that the quality is better on the instax 210 than on the instax mini (but I have no proof, I might be wrong). 
But the size of the pictures taken with the camera is twice as wide as the pictures taken with a fuji instax mini, and this is, for me, a really important detail because I love hanging pictures on my wall ("how original..." I know XD),  but if you like making photos albums you definitely should go for the instax 210. 

The fuji instax 210 is really easy to use, it comes with only 4 buttons: 
  • one classic power button
  • one for the flash
  • one for the distance focus range,
  • one for brightness adjustment (the lighten-darken control allow you to adjust the intensity of colors to make the print finish brighter of Darker)
If you want to buy the fuji instax 210 Click HERE
If you want to buy cheap fuji instax wide film Click HERE

Here are some pictures I took, those are really not professionnal or artisitic in any way, I just take photos for fun (P.S: those pictures belong to me, if you want to use it you have to put below the picture you use the source which is this blog, also you don't have the right to modify in anyway those pictures):

Fuji instax 210 Specifications

Instant FilmFujifilm Instant Color Film "instax mini" (wide picture format)
Picture size62 x 99mm
Shooting range / Focusing range0.9m - ∞
Motor Driven 2-range switching
ShutterShutter speed: 1/64 - 1/200 sec.
Programmed electronic shutter release
Exposure controlAutomatic, Exposure compensation, Exposure compensation (Lighten-Darken Control): ± 2/3EV
FlashBuilt-in, Automatic electronic flash
Effective flash range: 0.9 - 3.0m
Power SupplyLR6/AA-size 1.5V alkaline batteries x4, Capacity: 10 film pack*
  • *Based on our test conditions.
OthersStrap and Close-up lens
Dimensions & Weight178.5 x 117.5 x 94.5mm(W x H x D)/610g (without batteries, strap and film pack and Close-up lens)

review of the Polaroid 300/Fuji instax 7s

Those two devices are exactly the same. Fujifilm created in 2003 the fuji instax 7s and Polaroid few years after bought the model to put their name on it. So basically the only difference between those two cameras are the colors, and the brand name, That' it.
Today those two major brand keep selling these two polaroids wich keeps the prices low... Or not T_T

This instant cameras is really basic and easy to use, it is made for people who don't really have "instant camera skills" (I don't know if I can say that but anyway). So it's quite small and light, just a few buttons and a really fun design. This camera is really popular, especially in Asia (Japan and Korea...) so you can find a lot of accessories like lenses or cases, or even special film with hello kitty or Disney frames. But the most important is that you will easily find films in any camera store of on the internet, and as it is still commercialized by the two brands, the films are cheaper than for the old polaroid (600, SX-70, spectra...).

So for me the fuji instax 7s or the Polaroid 300 is a great camera for "beginners" with a small budget for film, looking for a easy and fun to use camera. Personally I really like this camera, because it's small and light; the only disadvantage is the picture format wich is really small, compare to the classic polaroid frame format. Some people like the rectangular format, but I still have a preference for the square shape of the classic polaroid.

Note: A lot of people have been asking me if you can you fuji instax mini 7s film on the Polaroid 300 (on the other way around) and the answer is YES as they are exactly identical.

If you want to buy a fuji instax mini 7S you can buy it here for really cheap: Click Here
If you want to buy the Polaroid 300: Click Here
For the film the cheapest place to buy it is here, you got 2 packs of ten frames for the price of one here: Click Here 
otherwise you can buy also for a really cheap price a big box of 5 packs here: Click Here 

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